Michelle M. Mendoza

Michelle Mendoza has a diverse background in entertainment and communications industries with a love of talk radio. She has been heard on popular stations in the Seattle area, the U.S., and Radio UK. Michelle hosts a multi-platform program and has appeared on radio and television news stations commenting on issues of the day from a non-judgmental faith-based world view. Creative outlets are her joy as an actress, writer, producer, director, singer, song writer, artist, and musician. She is a hula and belly dancer, beekeeper, sports fanatic, and loves cowgirl boots. Her greatest passion is people. Michelle lives in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by friends and family.

Find Your Voice: Your Superpower and Passion Unleashed

Find Your Voice: Your Superpower and Passion Unleashed

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Everyone longs to be heard, but what does it take to cultivate your voice, hook your audience, and share your passion? Uncover your communication superpower and how to overcome your Kryptonite. Discover four secret faces every message needs. Then, get ready to impact your world as you find your voice.

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