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Brent loves the tension between science and faith, and exploring what that means through adventurous stories of the possible and highly unlikely. He often finds that storytelling paints vivid pictures of deeper truths: stories about real-life occurrences, crazy tales of fiction or parables that resonate with some and confuse others.

Jesus told stories all the time. Why? They work! In two decades as an award-winning small town journalist Brent discovered that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. When not helping others tell their stories, he finds that controlling the fate of imaginary universes is less bizarre and more fulfilling than reporting on the real one.

Brent also finds joy in helping others tell their stories and has edited and ghost-written books across multiple genres.

When not writing or editing, he dodges wildfires and blizzards with his wife Kim and their living Muppet-dog Paige Turner at home in the mountains of central Washington State.







Breaking Time – Book 1 (2021)

Co-authored / edited (2020)

Breaking Time – Book 2 (coming in 2024)



Washington Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper Contest

2014 (click for PDF) – Individual – Color Feature Photo (1st place); Comprehensive Coverage (1st place – WIAA sports); Special Events Section (1st place, shared with G DeVon and C Helm); Best Sports News Story (2nd place); Comprehensive Coverage (2nd place – Tonasket Pool); Editorial (2nd place); Special Events Section (3rd Place – Spring Sports); Story on the Arts (3rd place); General Feature Story – Long (3rd place).

     Team – General Excellence for Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune (Group I), 2nd place (with G. DeVon, C. Helm).

2013 – Individual – Feature Story, Long (1st place); Personality Profile, Long (1st place); Color Sports Photo, Action (2nd place); Sports News Story (3rd place).

2012 – Individual – Special Section, 2011-2 Winter Sports), 1st place; Sports News Story, 2nd place.

     Team – General Excellence for Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune (Group I), 1st place (with G. DeVon, C. Helm, A. Gardner).

Michigan Press Association Better Newspaper Contest

2004 – Overall sports coverage, 1st place; sports writing, 2nd place; sports column, 3rd place; sports photo honorable mention.

Judge’s comment (overall coverage): “Brent Baker is the complete sports editor. Great diversity of coverage, use of statistics topped this class. Nice blend of photos to editorial. No overkill of photos compared to editorial.”

2003 – Sports writing, 1st place; Sports picture, 2nd place; overall sports coverage, 3rd place.

Judge’s comment (sports writing): “Well-told tale of a team which squandered a large lead in a playoff game. Quotes spoke of both emotion and analysis of how game turned. Great final scene in last two paragraphs. You could feel the pain.”

2002 – Overall sports coverage 1st place; sports column 2nd place.

Judge’s comment (overall coverage): “This is one fine newspaper, among many in Class C and Brent Baker and the sports coverage make it that much better of a community paper. Beautiful photos – pictures of stories capture the spirit of your county. Great look, easy to read.”

2001 – Overall sports coverage, 1st place; sports writing 2nd place; sports column, 3rd place; sports feature 3rd place; sports photo honorable mention.

Judge’s comment (sports column): “Baker has no fear and loads of writing skills. Impressive writing.”

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