Nicole Unser

Nicole Unser grew up on country music. Something about the honest, heart-felt lyrics connected with the Spokane, Washington native whose career has taken her on a winding journey through Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas, down Mississippi backroads and around sun-dappled New Mexican mesas.
Along the way, Nicole has collected stories – her own and others’ – turning them into songs about the goodness of God amidst the heartbreaks of life. “In my heart of hearts I’m a storyteller,” she says. “Sometimes I need to sing to do that.”
In the tradition of great storytellers, Nicole shares insight and truth with a genuine love of people and a salt-of-the-earth manner, delivering her songs in a raspy-sweet vocal style. She shares her stories and music online and at live events around the country, including “Story Nights,” intimate evenings of worship, prayer, meditation and storytelling.
When not on the road Nicole dodges wildfires and blizzards with her husband Josh, hound dogs and teenage daughters at home in the mountains of central Washington State.
You may connect with Nicole at her website or by email at

Wyoming Companion Devotional: Going Back to Move Forward

Wyoming Companion Devotional: Going Back to Move Forward


Take a road trip with Nicole Unser through her album Wyoming, using her songs, personal story and spiritual practices to invite God’s healing power into your own broken places. (Price includes CD.)

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