Stephen McCormick

Stephen McCormick and his wife, Audrey, have been married since 1974 and are the proud parents of five daughters, proud in-laws of three sons-in-law, and grandparents to nine grandchildren. Stephen is a writer, preacher, and teacher with four decades of ministry experience in Christian camping, pastoral work, counseling, and outreach to adults and children. He graduated from Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music, participated with Youth With a Mission’s School of Biblical Studies Program, and enjoys researching and writing papers for the Evangelical Theological Society.

Stones: An Extraordinary Invitation to Ordinary People

Stones: An Extraordinary Invitation to Ordinary People

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What if the way to inner peace was not what he thought it would look like? What if the answer was taking a journey... with someone he didn’t know, to places he had never been, with no idea how he would get there, experiencing things in the process he believed were impossible? What if the answer wasn’t about religion but a relationship? Not about a destination but the journey itself?

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